Legacy Planning

Donor Advised Fund

What Is a Donor Advised Fund (DAF)?

A Donor Advised Fund is a separately identified fund or account that is maintained and operated by a sponsoring charitable organization. Each account is composed of contributions made by individual donors. DAFs can accept cash and non-cash assets as contributions. The public charity that holds the DAF provides the donor with a tax receipt for donations to the DAF. The donor retains advisory privileges regarding the qualified charities to which the DAF grants funds and how the funds are invested.

A Donor Advised Fund allows you to make easy, direct contributions to Joseph Prince Ministries from your fund and is one of the most effective ways to give to this ministry.

Always remember that there is completely no obligation to give, but if you are led by the Lord to continue supporting the ministry for the generations to come, we want to thank you for your generous gifts that will see lives transformed, bodies healed, and families restored through hearing the gospel of grace!

To make a legacy gift via a Donor Advised Fund, please contact our legacy planning team at [email protected] or fill out the Contact Us form.